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Cell phone case

Cell phone case

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  • Personalized phone cover
  • Phone cover

In a culture where cell phones play a major role in our lives, it is important that our phones make a statement about ourselves. Phone cases can be customized to show off your personal fashion in a similar way to your wardrobe.

A personalized phone cover will not only make your iphone look amazing, it will also protect your phone against scratches and wear-and-tear from everyday use.

In addition to phone cases, customized ipad cases and laptop skins are also popular as well.

Wonder how to create personalized phone cover for your own use or simply start your own business? KMAJET direct to substrate printer makes it easier than you expect.

Printing on phone cases with KMAJET printer is as easy as printing on paper with desktop inkjet printer. The computerized process requires a minimum manual work and the only thing you need to do is lay down your phone covers onto the flatbed of the printer.

With our specially formulated plastic ink, prints on phone cases are not only glamorous but also long-lasting.

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