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A digital printer's performance depends much on the ink used. The quality of ink affects the ink flow, level of printer maintenance, color fidelity and vibrancy as well as print longevity. KMAJET provides only the best state of the art, highest quality inkjet inks to achieve the highest level of graphic quality and ink flow performance.

At KMAJET, we are making great efforts to provide our customers with the broadest application possibilities for all of our printer models, thus rendering a broader range of Eco friendly inks developed for a variety of specialist printing needs.

  • Aqueous Ink:
    1. Textile ink: It’s a kind of water based pigment ink for printing directly onto textile materials, while pre-treatment is optional for light-colored fabrics, depending on quality preferred, pretreatment is required for dark-colored garments. It provides long lasting prints, wash after wash.
    2. White ink: This type of ink is exclusively for black and dark garments printing to create a printable surface of white ink and immediately allows afterwards the application of color inks, assuring you vibrant colors of high durability that resist fading.
    3. KMASIX ink: Water based resin ink ,Suitable for materials of high density, such as metal, glass and so on.
  • Mild/Eco-solvent Ink:
    1. Versatile ink: As the name suggests, this kind of ink is suitable for printing on most kinds of substrates with proper pretreatment of the print media in question. It is commonly used for Wooden products printing, EVA printing, etc.
    2. Plastic ink: Especially designed for plastic printing without any pre-treatment needed, such as PC, ABS cell phone case,etc.
    3. Leather ink: Designed for printing on leather and other varied artificial leather made from PU, PVC and so on.No pre treatment is required for this type of ink ,

KMAJET inks are supplied in bluk (500ml,1l bottle) and a variety of colors are currently available as follows:

C(Cyan),M(Magenta),Y(Yellow),K(Black),R(Red),B(Blue),MK(Matte Black),PK(Photo Black),LC(Light Cyan),LM(Light Magenta),LK(Light Black),LLK(Light Light Black) and W(white).


Pretreatment or coating plays an important role in digital inkjet printing. You may find the image printed on a PC product blurred and easily erased with you bare hand. The reason is PC don’t physically absorb ink at all. The problem can be easily solved with proper pretreatment of the media in question, which helps the ink to bind to the media printed and maintains a high level of adhesion, creating an optimum printing result. KMAJET’s pretreatment solution increases the efficiency of printing on a great number of materials, saving time and cutting costs, allowing the printing of the design just moments after the pretreatment is applied, without waiting for drying. The selection of a specific pretreatment depends on the printing media and the ink used as well. Among various kinds of pretreatment solutions available at KMAJET are versatile pretreatment and textile pretreatment and so on.


KMAJET cleaning solution is specially designed to clean the entire ink system, including ink lines, print head and dampers. A variety of cleaning solutions are currently available at KMAJET for different inks.

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