Digital T-shirt Printer

Digital T-shirt Printer
  • Digital T-shirt Printer
  • Digital T-shirt Printer
  • Digital T-shirt Printer
  • Digital T-shirt Printer

Digital T-shirt Printer

  • Item No. :  KMA430
  • High quality ball screw transmission mechanism to obtain stable performance, low acoustic noise level as well as hi-definition
  • User-friendly Front Control Panel for easier use.
  • Prints on light and dark T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, sorts, etc.
  • ink input: C(cyan)M(magenta),Y(yellow),K(black)+ 4 whites
  • refillable ink bottles
  • White ink management system to substantially reduce head clogging
  • Low ink cost
  • Easy to use software

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KMAJET Digital T-shirt Printer KMA430

With a larger maximum printing size than KMA02T, KMA430 provides you with another high-capacity option. This purpose-built textile printer comes also with the white ink capability, delivering vibrant and wash-fast colors on to both light-colored and dark-colored textiles.

A great variety of fabrics can be printed with KMAJET digital T-shirt printer, including cotton, cotton blends and canvas, etc. It is ideal for Denims, T-shirts, sweatshirt, sportswear, aprons, baby items, to name just a few.

A variety of platens are available for different applications, from children’s garments, oversized garments, sleeves to hats, There is always a solution for you.

Requiring the least maintenance, it is also easy to learn to operate. Our customers have KMAJET’s lifetime technical support through videos, email, phone calls and other online communication methods. A professional team of technicians is ready to respond to you within 24 hours.

Features and Benefits

  • cost-effectiveness ,no printing plates, silkscreens are used, avoiding the high set-up cost of plate-making, as is necessary for traditional printing methods like screen printing.
  • instant multicolored image output ,computerized and processing all colors at one time, while screen printing can print only simple designs in a maximum of three colors and involves a separate and time-consuming step for each color to be printed.
  • allowing for on-demand printing and even a modification of the image with each impression,ideally suited for personalized printing.
  • designed for both mass production and short run production, of the same individual cost.
  • aiming at high-end products with high speed and hi-definition, Max. resolution is 2880dpi*2880dpi.
  • Professional color management system achieves the same appearance of colors when converted from different color devices to corresponding media.
  • Easy to use, requiring no technical skill to use our printer,30 minutes video training is enough for a new hand to learn to use our machine as long as he or she knows how to use a image processing software like Photoshop to create an image file.

Printed samples

KMAJET At Textile Show

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