Temple holder

Temple holder is exclusively for glasses temple printing, which is adjustable according to the specific size of each individual temple. 6 inch wider and 18.3 inch high, It is primarily designed for use with our A3 flatbed printers KMA02H and KMA02+. A maximum of 30 pcs can be printed at one time with the use of two temple holders, each holding 15 pcs.

  • Temple Holder I
  • For KMA02+ and KMA02H
  • size: 18.3’’*6”

Garment holder

KMAJET garment holder, or platen, made from aluminum, holds garments securely and is quick and easy to load and unload.

The platens currently available are as follows:

                                        KMA430                                        KMA02T
platen size platen size
standard 14''*16'' 35.56cm*40.64cm standard 13''*18'' 33.02cm*45.72cm
oversize 16''*18'' 40.64cm*45.72cm oversize 13''*23'' 33.02cm*58.42cm
youth 10''*12'' 25.4cm*30.48cm youth 10''*12'' 25.4cm*30.48cm
children 7''*8'' 17.78cm*20.32cm children 6''*8'' 15.24cm*20.32cm
sleeve 6''*18'' 15.24cm*45.72cm sleeve 6''*18'' 15.24cm*45.72cm

Phone case holder

Capable of handling 25 cases at one time, the phone case holder is well suited for small-run orders as well as mass production alike. Made from aluminum, it is quick and easy to load and unload.

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